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Creatine Capsules

The power supplement of professionals

Creatine is a natural food component which is contained primarily in meat and seafood. Creatine as a temporary energy store is part of the resynthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more creatine is stored in the muscles the faster ATP can be reproduced.

The more or the quicker ATP is available the better is the performance. Creatine has this performance-increasing effect especially in highly intensive short-term strains (weight training, sprints, long jump and high jump, field events, weight lifting and other technical sports).

Other positive effects of creatine are the support of muscle growth and – especially interesting for women – an improvement of cellulite. Due to the increased supply of VIA NOVA creatine, the temporary stores are filled.

Once the stores are filled completely, at least two additional repetitions can be made in weight lifting. It can also often be observed that maximum performance, e.g. in bench pressing, can be increased by ten to 20 kilograms with a creatine cure. Within six weeks, an increase in weight (muscles) of up to five kilograms can be achieved. This increase in performance can be transferred to every sport that requires strength and speed.

When and how do you take VIA NOVA creatine properly?

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To increase performance and to build up muscles, the following dose is recommended during the loading phase:

  • on the first six days, take five to six capsules of 750 mg four times a day between meals,
  • during the maintenance phase (approx. six to eight weeks), three to four capsules a day between meals.
  • It is advisable to take magnesium (approx. 250–500 mg) in addition to creatine, if necessary.

VIA NOVA creatine is a German quality product and guarantees you ultrapure creatine monohydrate. This is why so many world-class athletes trust this product only – and the number is growing.

Package size:

300 capsules of 750 mg of ultrapure creatine monohydrate

RRP 75,00 EUR