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Viol® Oxygen-active Ointment

… and your skin is breathing again!

Our skin – our daily protective cloak – needs special care and attention.

Vital supply of oxygen for your stressed skin

Whether it is a gentle massage or the intensive direct supply of the stressed or damaged skin – Viol® oxygen-active ointment gives the skin what it needs. The active components oxygen, calendula, hamamelis, allantoin, vitamin E, as well as a valuable herbal complex, take good care of your stressed skin and can specifically clear skin irritations. Feel the active oxygen and the herbal extracts – your skin is breathing again. This way, even irritated or damaged skin can be soothed.

Comprehensive care and supply

The skin of our whole body is composed of three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis (cornea) is the layer which we see. It does not have any blood vessels and therefore is not directly connected to the general oxygen supply network. This is the reason why it is so susceptible to oxygen deficits, insufficient care and environmental influences.

We recommend:

Apply the Viol® oxygen-active ointment in the morning and at night directly onto the problematic areas or massage it in gently.


Oxygen-enriched, herbal complex, many plant components or extracts (e.g. marigold, hamamelis, horsetail, eyebright, amber, chamomile, balm, yarrow, lime blossom, rosemary, sage), allantoin, vitamin E and C.

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