Natural Food Supplements

Viabol® Tabs

Tasty micronutrients concentrate (fruit-based)

Especially when the body is in the process of growing, it expects a large supply of active substances to be available.

“Empty” calories (fast food, etc.), which, unfortunately, are often preferred, cannot satisfy our needs, they can even contribute to maldevelopments of the body.

We recommend:

The tasty VIABOL®-Tabs are prepared for children. VIABOL®-Tabs are also particularly suitable in the wet and cold season.


VIABOL®-Tabs are, like the VIABOL® drinking ampoules, characterized by the selection and quality of its ingredients. VIABOL® Tabs, which are particularly designed for children and adolescents, contain:

  • 330 mg bee pollen preparation (broken down),
  • 150 mg royal jelly concentrate (corresponds to 450 mg royal jelly),
  • rosehip powder and blackcurrant puree
  • as well as propolis extract and a vitamin complex.

Package size:

40 lozenges

RRP 27,90 EUR