Natural Food Supplements

Energen Royal®

Preserve your energy and vitality, stay healthy!

With VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL®, you invest in a drinking ampoules-cure which can keep your depots replenished through its well-balanced composition of natural micronutrients.

We recommend:

Use one cure package of VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL® three to four times a year, especially during the wet and cold season.


  • 1,400 mg bee pollen extract (broken down), multifloral, as the concentrated elemental force of life,
  • 400 mg royal jelly, the legendary queen bee elixir,
  • 350 mg wheat germ extract, the grain’s concentrated energy with the cell-protection vitamin E,
  • fruit concentrate consisting of elderberries and acerola, especially rich in vitamin C
  • and propolis extract as nature’s unmatched vaccine of bees against pathogens.

Package size:

20 drinking ampoules of 10eml

RRP 39,90 EUR