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Glutamin Powder

For optimized muscle-protein synthesis

In special situations, e.g. with stress, illness or regular sport with high intensity, the body often cannot supply enough L-glutamine. VIA NOVA L-Glutamin meets such deficits very efficiently. L-glutamine can prevent or delay symptoms of fatigue caused by strenuous weight training in the body. Moreover, studies have shown that the supply of L-glutamine can prevent over-training and a deterioration of the immune status.

Athletes taking L-glutamine supplements in the course of a study reported that they had fewer instances of respiratory infections, such as bronchitis or coughs, during highly intensive training phases.

It is of greatest importance for all athletes to store as much water as possible in their muscle cells because the more water you have in the muscle cells the better protein synthesis (muscle build-up) is being executed. By storing glutamine in the muscle cells it comes to increased water storage there.

When and how do you preferably take VIA NOVA L-Glutamin?

Depending on training phase and body weight, the supply should be adapted. Approx. ten grams are recommended as a daily average dose for all areas of application. Preferably, you should drink L-glutamine directly after training dissolved in a glass of water. On days with no training, you can take it in the morning or directly before going to bed.

There are practically only positive study results when it comes to L-glutamine. Athletes who are susceptible for infections or who want to increase their muscle mass should in any case include VIA NOVA L-Glutamin in their basic equipment.

Package size:

350g powder

RRP 49,90 EUR