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Viol® Therm

Agility determines the attitude towards life

Your joints and muscles have served you all your life. Now they ask for your help!

Are you desperate because climbing stairs or bending over are causing problems already? Are you not enjoying gardening, hiking or recreational sports any more either?

Treat yourself to a relieving massage with the fantastic Viol® Therm from VIA NOVA now. You will feel it already shortly after the massage with Viol® Therm: something special is happening here!


everywhere where heat + oxygen are required:

We recommend:

Massage in Viol® Therm, preferably in the morning and at night, so that you quickly feel good and comfortable again. In particularly severe cases, please apply a “moisture chamber”: rub the affected area with Viol® Therm and place a compress, soaked with Viol®Aktiv, on top. Place a foil on top of that and fix the “moisture chamber” with a bandage.

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