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The full strength of nature in one package – without alcohol

Everyone who is concerned about a healthy lifestyle, knows how important a balanced diet is for you to remain healthy and to maintain performance.

Vitamun® drinking ampoules account for the needs and requirements of the world today. Carefully processed, highly efficient micro-nutrient complexes gained from healthy natural sources allow your body to find harmony with itself again.

We recommend:

Split the content of one drinking ampoule into two to three doses to be taken throughout the day and leave it in your mouth for approx. one to two minutes before swallowing it. In the wet and cold season or in times of high stress, it is absolutely safe to increase the number of drinking ampoules to two to three per day.


The recipe of success of Vitamun®:

  • 800 mg royal jelly: The queen bee elixir contains as much concentrated energy as hardly any other substance in nature. Royal jelly alone is responsible for the fact that the queen bee has a life expectancy which is 30–40 times higher than that of a worker bee. Its whole life, it is protected against any disease thanks to an optimization of the immune system. Cellular respiration, regeneration and oxygen utilization are improved considerably. Vitamun® contains an extraordinarily high amount of “royal energy”.
  • 400 mg pollen powder (broken down): In nature broken down pollen turns out to be a transmitter of an enormous life dynamism. The body is supplied with important micronutrients that are essential for the elementary biochemical processes of life.
  • 180 mg hand-picked green tea extract: Green tea contains valuable flavonoids that offer antioxidant protection. Other substances are stimulating, reviving and help to overcome energy slumps.
  • 90 mg propolis extract: Propolis gives the Vitamun® drinking ampoules a characteristic, incomparable taste. Inside the beehive, propolis has an immense benefit and it ensures the survival of the bee colonies. It protects them against viruses, bacteria and other germs. A bee is therefore protected against diseases.
  • Energy booster honey and lingonberry juice-concentrate: Honey and lingonberry juice contain efficient enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and are valuable components of a healthy diet.
  • Daily requirements of broad-spectrum vitamins: Vitamins are essential for maintaining many processes of life and metabolism, plus they strengthen our cells against dangers like the “free radicals”. A sufficient and regular vitamin intake can prevent many possible problems already at the first onset.

Package size:

20 drinking ampoules of 10ml

RRP 54,90 EUR