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Vilox® Tabs

Why cell protection?

How fast our body is ageing or wearing out depends highly on its resistance against aggressive substances. An apple, which has been cut into halves, serves as an illustrative example here:

Unprotected, its surface will visibly turn brown more and more – it oxidizes. If we apply lemon juice (vitamin C!) on it by way of prevention, the apple will be longer protected against decay and it will remain appetizingly fresh. Various “free radicals”, which would oxidize our somatic cells, are inevitably produced in our metabolism – unless our body’s defences can neutralize them in time. Nature provided us with so-called “radical quenchers” as protection on our life’s journey.

Besides the classical radical scavengers selenium, vitamin A, C and E, Vilox offers additional long-lasting protective antioxidants which meet the highest expectations, namely the coenzyme Q10 and the bioflavonoids, which are gained from grape seeds and citrus fruits.

We recommend:

Suck on one Vilox lozenge a day, preferably as an integral part of your breakfast.


One Vilox tablet contains the following natural ingredients:

  • 180 mg Vitamin C,
  • 30 mg Vitamin E,
  • 20 mg coenzyme Q10,
  • 20 mg grape seed extract,
  • 5 mg bioflavonoids,
  • 5 mg zinc,
  • 650 μg beta carotin
  • and 50 μg selenium.

Package size:

30 lozenges of 2.5g

RRP 26,90 EUR