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All-purpose product against parasites, ticks, mites, larvae, eggs, etc. with long-term effects of up to three weeks – 100% natural

Bio-Insektal® is a natural feeding- and contact product, odourless and without highly chlorinated hydrocarbons like DDT, lindane or the like.

Active substances are pyrethrins extracted from the insect-powder herb of the chrysanthemum. Only the flower heads are used. Bio-Insektal is a ready-to-use spray solution, it is biodegradable and it can be applied in living rooms or on terraces as well as on a camping trip and on vacation.


Spray Bio-Insektal® onto the places that are preferred by insects, like lamps, windows, doors, grounds, curtains, etc. In case of a pest infestation of your pet, spray it onto the pet’s sleeping places.

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Refill bottle 1000ml

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