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We recommend:

During a VIABOL® cure (three to four times a year), drink one ampoule per day. Split its content into three doses to be taken throughout the day and leave it in your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing it (absorption through the oral mucosa). In times of special strains (e.g. during the cold and flu season), you can also drink two to three ampoules throughout the day.


With every VIABOL® drinking ampoule, you supply the body with the most valuable and well-balanced nutrients and micronutrients which are dissolved in controlled residue-free mead:

  • 2,500 mg bee pollen extract, multifloral (broken down),
  • 750 mg royal jelly,
  • 250 mg wheat germ extract,
  • 80 mg propolis extract,
  • 75 mg elderberry juice concentrate,
  • 30 mg apricot stone extract,
  • 20 mg yeast extract
  • and enriched with broad-spectrum vitamins.

Package size

10 drinking ampoules of 15ml

20 drinking ampoules of 15ml

RRP 34,50 EUR

RRP 54,90 EUR