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Vinoy® Face Cream

The elementary oxygen-based energy for your beauty

Attractive skin sums up a health-conscious lifestyle and a positive attitude to life.

Stressed and tired skin is lacking oxygen!

When looking in the mirror, have you ever asked yourself why all your life’s years can be seen especially in your face? With increasing age, the skin loses its ability to absorb oxygen, the elixir of life. A decreasing energy supply is most likely to be recognized by the status of our skin: pale and wrinkled, too greasy or too dry, sensitive and vulnerable. Now cosmetics managed a sensation. Nascent oxygen is a ground-breaking innovation for comprehensive and sophisticated skin care! This oxygen supplies every single skin cell with the vital energy that it really needs for its vitality and health.

Vinoy® oxygen-rich face cream

We spoil your demanding facial skin only with nature’s best ingredients: a herbal oxygen complex, calendula, lotus, chamomile, thyme and avocado extracts, aloe vera, royal jelly, vitamin E and allantoin.

The effects of the Vinoy® face cream exceed all expectations:

  • when applied regularly, the oxygen content of the skin can almost be doubled in a short time,
  • cell renewal is activated, the skin becomes more elastic and smoother and problematic skin can return to normal
  • and skin moisture is increasing significantly, wrinkle depth can decrease visibly.

Vinoy® is ideal for every skin type and every age.

We recommend:

Apply cream to the face, neck and cleavage in the morning (vitality during the day) and at night (regeneration during the night).

Package size:


RRP 26,90 EUR