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Viamino® 19

What are amino acids?

Proteins were identified to be essential elements in all living cells. During hydrolysis they break down into amino acids and they are also build in the organism from amino acids.

The importance of amino acids does not merely amount to only being protein building blocks. They can be changed in many ways in metabolism and can furnish important precursors for other endogenous substances (e.g. haemoglobin).

They are part of the production of hormones and blood cells, they support the maintenance of muscle functions and they are part of many other metabolic processes.

The human organism cannot synthesize all amino acids itself. They need to be supplied through food or nutritional supplements like Viamino®19. While oxygen and glucose are essential for the survival of the brain cells, amino acids have a variety of functions in the neurotransmitter system.

Viamino®19, the essential amino acids for your functional capability

Viamino®19 contains 20 amino acids from natural sources, including all eight essential amino acids, which are indispensable and cannot be replaced.

Viamino®19 is the ideal supplement to a meat-reduced diet and it has also been preferred as an ideal diet for athletes for many years now. In this context, simultaneous intake together with Viabol® and Vicartin® has proven to be very efficient, particularly when it comes to endurance.

The vitamins B6 and C contained enable the synthesis of required peptides (concatenation of amino acids) from excess amino acids and therefore help to match the acute need of the muscles.

We recommend:

Drink one ampoule of Viamino®19 preferably after training or at night, mixed with fruit juice.

Package size:

20 drinking ampoules of 25ml

RRP 54,90 EUR