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Viol® Active

Without food, we can survive for a few weeks, without liquids, just a few days, but without oxygen, we can only survive a few minutes.

Oxygen means vitality, life, therapeutic benefit for many conditions, regeneration and prophylaxis. Therefore, more and more health-conscious people use oxygen therapies of all kinds.

Research for your benefit

After years of research at the world famous Louis Pasteur institute, professor Baranger had a sensational success: he managed to chain active oxygen to vegetable oils. This beneficial preparation, which is the basis of ® Aktiv, is rich in linoleic-, linolenic and arachidic acids and therefore so unique in its possibilities.

The benefit of an oxygen-active massage

With Viol® Aktiv you are able to massage in active oxygen. Viol® Aktiv is an oxygen-activated, herbal natural product and it is perfectly suitable for continuous use. Massage your muscles, joints and skin with it, preferably several times a day.

Extraordinarily effective is a “moisture chamber”: use a big piece of foil and place a mull or tissue on it, then saturate it with Viol® Aktiv and, if necessary, also with approx. 15-20 drops of Viol® Therm. After that, place the whole thing on the problematic area and fix the foil with a bandage.

Viol® Aktiv contains oxygen-activated Arachis hypogaea and rosemary oil.

Viol® Active

Your companion for sports and leisure activities, training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as for all kinds of severe strains for the musculoskeletal system.

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