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D-Ribose Powder

For quick regeneration of the physical performance

Ribose is a simple sugar and in nature it exists only in very small amounts. The interesting benefit for athletes is that ribose is directly involved in the synthesis of ATP, it does not need to be converted into another substance first. Every muscle contraction – however small it may be – uses ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The body can produce ATP indirectly, e.g. from glucose.

The amount of ATP is limited, however, and it will last for a maximum of ten seconds. Adenosine, which is a component of ATP along with three phosphates, consists of adenine and ribose. Therefore, ribose is directly involved in the production of ATP, and thus it is as important as creatine.

After a very hard training it can take up to 72 hours until the original energy level is restored. Studies have shown that the energy stores can be refilled 3.4 to 4.3 times faster by supplying ribose. Creatine and D-ribose complement each other in their effects. With ribose, the inner basic structure can be built up more easily and the energy level can be restored faster.

In case of shortages, however, ATP can quickly be re-synthesized by creatine during training. Ribose also provides for the fact that there is always enough energy available, so that particularly hard training is possible.

When and how do you preferably take VIA NOVA D-ribose?

To achieve the best possible effect in sport, ribose should be taken in combination with creatine. The loading phase has also proven efficient with ribose. During the first six days, take 50% of the amount of creatine, i.e. approx. seven to eight grams throughout the day between meals. After that, two to three grams per day are enough. On days with no training it is recommended to take it in before dinner.

Package size:

150g of pure D-ribose powder

RRP 54,90 EUR