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The herbal oxygen leg fluid for carefree, light and beautiful legs

Do your legs lose vitality?

Do you also feel declining strength in your legs first? The legs become tired and heavy. The ankles start swelling. The veins slacken. Spider veins appear under the skin. Or the legs prickle and the soles of your feet burn after prolonged sitting and standing.

People whose jobs require a lot of sitting or standing can tell you a thing or two about it. Elderly people also often feel declining vitality initially in their legs.

Tired legs need more oxygen!

Everything revolves around supplying the legs with vital oxygen. Venoxal® provides your legs with what they need most: more oxygen!

Only the most valuable herbal raw materials are processed into a highly specific balm in this oxygen leg fluid.

Venoxal® is a product that is comprehensively stimulating and essential for beautiful legs.

Skin moisture is increased significantly, the skin is 40% more compact and elastic (important with connective tissue weakness).

Now it can be also explained, why so many highly satisfied users enthusiastically notice a decline in spider veins.

The effects of the Venoxal® fluids are evidenced by impressive studies:

We recommend:

Rub your legs with Venoxal® at least twice a day (in the morning and at night). In case of bigger problems, treat your legs to another vitalizing “oxygen boost” after approx. four hours.


Complex of oxygenated vegetable oils, almond oil, eucalyptus, perfume.

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RRP 29,90 EUR