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ViQu® 10

Bio stimulation for more energy when feeling tired

ViQu®10 is recommended in particular if you have to cope with a demanding daily schedule:

  • prior to conferences, seminars or exams,
  • for great concentration and endurance,
  • prior to long car journeys,
  • when you are on the spot
  • or simply in situations when you cannot afford to have a “bad day”.

ViQu®10 offers the best requirements for an active start in the day – with energy, drive and vitality.


ViQu®10 offers you a noticeably refreshing, highly specific composition of micronutrients, which are dissolved in mead and which will refresh you mentally and physically.

  • Q10, the energy miracle: The discovery of the coenzyme Q10 is considered a milestone in nutritional science when researching about the energy metabolism of the cell. It can be described as the “motor of vital energy”. Every somatic cell needs energy from nutrition and oxygen. Q10 is the ignition spark in the process that can activate these energies.
  • Guarana extract: The noticeable vitalization can take effect after approx. 15 minutes and can last for a longer period.
  • Gingko extract + dextrose: Give you new energy and vigour. The leaves of the Japanese temple tree nicely refine the taste.
  • Green tea extract: Supports the guarana effect. At the same time, green tea provides antioxidants and phytochemicals.
  • Zinc: The trace mineral zinc is essential for healthy bodily functions. It supports the immune system and helps to maintain performance.
  • Papaya extract: The exotic fruit papaya does not only taste deliciously, it also covers the daily requirements of essential micronutrients and important enzymes.
  • Taurine: An amino-acid-like antioxidant with many important functions.
  • Vitamin C: It supports the body’s defences and therefore your health.

Package size:

10 drinking ampoules of 15ml

RRP 34,90 EUR