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The plus in oxygen, so that you feel comfortable in your skin

Our skin – our real suit – needs daily comprehensive care!

Every single day, our skin is exposed to countless attacks. Support your skin in its vital functions.

Viasan lotion noticeably activates the skin’s functions, it supports the natural defence and it provides well-being.


  • feel the plus in oxygen after taking a bath or shower,
  • enjoy the plus in revitalization after sunbathing
  • and feel the plus in skin moisture and well-being.

To keep your skin elastic, vital and smooth:

Apply the oxygen body lotion daily and massage it in gently.


oxygen-enriched vegetable oils (among others: olive and avocado oil), shea butter, hamamelis extracts, active chamomile substances and skin care additives in a high-quality water-oil-emulsion.

Package size:


RRP 14,90 EUR