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VIPRO 100 Powder

The healthy, meatless diet with soy protein isolate

Protein is the most important building material of the human body. Therefore, it is also referred to as the “component of life”. Liquid aside, 75% of the human body consists of protein which is the substance for muscles, enzymes, blood cells, hormones, cartilages, skin, hair and fingernails.

Meeting the daily protein requirements can possibly become quite hard. Especially since attention should be paid to not consuming too much animal protein. Therefore, a regular substitution with Vipro 100 soy protein is extremely reasonable.

Benefits of Vipro 100:

  • soy plant 100% conventionally cultivated,
  • optimal absorption,
  • lactose-free and easy to digest,
  • pH neutral
  • and free from gluten, milk, artificial sweeteners, colorants, preservatives and flavouring agents.

The best way to take Vipro 100:

Vipro 100 can be combined with thinned juice, milk, yogurt, soups or other foodstuffs, just as you like, or it can simply be prepared with water in a shaker (maybe refine the taste with fruit concentrates).

A well-balanced diet is the basis of a healthy and active life. Vipro 100 is the ideal nutritional supplement especially in combination with meatless or meat-reduced diets, in top-class sport and when exposed to high mental demands.

Package size:

750g powder

RRP 29,90 EUR