All-purpose product against parasites, ticks, mites, larvae, eggs, etc. with long-term effects of up to three weeks – 100% natural Bio-Insektal® is a natural feeding- and contact product, odourless and without highly chlorinated hydrocarbons like DDT, lindane or the like. Active substances are pyrethrins extracted from the insect-powder herb of the chrysanthemum. Only the flower heads […]

BCAA Tablets

Anti-catabolic protection and muscle build up The special feature of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) is that they reduce or even prevent protein catabolism. Usually when under a lot of pressure, it is not only carbohydrates, but also amino acids, leucine in particular, that are being degraded. But if you supply enough BCAA no valuable muscle […]

Creatine Capsules

The power supplement of professionals Creatine is a natural food component which is contained primarily in meat and seafood. Creatine as a temporary energy store is part of the resynthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more creatine is stored in the muscles the faster ATP can be reproduced. The more or the quicker ATP is […]

D-Ribose Powder

For quick regeneration of the physical performance Ribose is a simple sugar and in nature it exists only in very small amounts. The interesting benefit for athletes is that ribose is directly involved in the synthesis of ATP, it does not need to be converted into another substance first. Every muscle contraction – however small […]

Glutamin Powder

For optimized muscle-protein synthesis In special situations, e.g. with stress, illness or regular sport with high intensity, the body often cannot supply enough L-glutamine. VIA NOVA L-Glutamin meets such deficits very efficiently. L-glutamine can prevent or delay symptoms of fatigue caused by strenuous weight training in the body. Moreover, studies have shown that the supply […]

VIPRO 100 Powder

The healthy, meatless diet with soy protein isolate Protein is the most important building material of the human body. Therefore, it is also referred to as the “component of life”. Liquid aside, 75% of the human body consists of protein which is the substance for muscles, enzymes, blood cells, hormones, cartilages, skin, hair and fingernails. […]

Energen Royal®

Preserve your energy and vitality, stay healthy! With VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL®, you invest in a drinking ampoules-cure which can keep your depots replenished through its well-balanced composition of natural micronutrients. We recommend: Use one cure package of VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL® three to four times a year, especially during the wet and cold season. Ingredients […]


Pure Energy – every time and everywhere Whenever you need a boost of energy… Sports Free time activities Long car rides Conferences Meetings Shift work Exams We recommend Do not drink more than one ampoule mixed with 375ml water (makes 400ml liquid) daily. Inhaltsstoffe Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue Vitamin B1(Thiamin) contributes to a normal energy […]

Viamino® 19

What are amino acids? Proteins were identified to be essential elements in all living cells. During hydrolysis they break down into amino acids and they are also build in the organism from amino acids. The importance of amino acids does not merely amount to only being protein building blocks. They can be changed in many […]

Vicartin® 1000 & 1500

The long-term storage for physical energy is in the body’s fat depots – a blessing for endurance athletes, an inexhaustible energy reserve, a beauty and health problem for heavyweight people. Both are interested in how to ideally metabolize that energy from the fat depots. The key to that is often L-carnitine. L-carnitine is the carrier […]