Viol® Therm

Agility determines the attitude towards life Your joints and muscles have served you all your life. Now they ask for your help! Are you desperate because climbing stairs or bending over are causing problems already? Are you not enjoying gardening, hiking or recreational sports any more either? Treat yourself to a relieving massage with the […]

Viol® Active

Without food, we can survive for a few weeks, without liquids, just a few days, but without oxygen, we can only survive a few minutes. Oxygen means vitality, life, therapeutic benefit for many conditions, regeneration and prophylaxis. Therefore, more and more health-conscious people use oxygen therapies of all kinds. Research for your benefit After years […]


The plus in oxygen, so that you feel comfortable in your skin Our skin – our real suit – needs daily comprehensive care! Every single day, our skin is exposed to countless attacks. Support your skin in its vital functions. Viasan lotion noticeably activates the skin’s functions, it supports the natural defence and it provides […]