Oxygen-based Herbal Oil

More than ordinary mouth care Herbal oils have regulative effects on our airways and are of particular importance in mouth care. VIA NOVA Oxygen-based herbal oil Specially treated herbal oils complement the efficient active oxygen. Protect yourself specifically against periodontosis with it. Mouth care with natural oils replaces chemical fluids. The oxygen-based herbal oil gives […]

Viol® Oxygen-active Ointment

… and your skin is breathing again! Our skin – our daily protective cloak – needs special care and attention. Vital supply of oxygen for your stressed skin Whether it is a gentle massage or the intensive direct supply of the stressed or damaged skin – Viol® oxygen-active ointment gives the skin what it needs. The […]

Vinoy® Face Cream

The elementary oxygen-based energy for your beauty Attractive skin sums up a health-conscious lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. Stressed and tired skin is lacking oxygen! When looking in the mirror, have you ever asked yourself why all your life’s years can be seen especially in your face? With increasing age, the skin loses […]

Vinoy® Facial Care

Deep cleansing – Cleansing milk – Tonic As an ideal addition to the optimized care of your facial skin use: Vinoy®: oxygen-based deep cleansing, oxygen-based cleansing milk and oxygen-based tonic. Unique care and vitality through oxygen, jojoba, valuable herbal extract and other substances. Package sizes: Deep cleansing 100ml Tonic 200ml Cleansing milk 200ml RRP 10,90 […]

Calendula Oxygen-based Shampoo

Cleanses your hair extra gently Due to the regenerating calendula oil, the oxygen-based shampoo is absolutely ideal for a gentle daily care of a sensitive, irritated scalp. Mild washing substances with naturally moisturizing and caring agents cleanse your hair extraordinarily gentle. The oxygen-activated avocado oil strengthens your hair structure and makes for an extra fruity […]

Calendula Oxygen-based Shower Lotion

Nourishes your sensitive skin already during cleansing The oxygen-activated and moisturizing shower lotion cleanses in an extra soft and gentle way. Due to the regenerating calendula oil and the oxygen-activated avocado oil, the delicately scented shower lotion is absolutely ideal for sensitive skin. Package size: 200ml RRP 8,90 EUR

Calendula Ointment

Regenerates, nourishes and protects stressed skin For centuries, people trust calendula as a medicinal plant. The calendula ointment is absolutely ideal for skin regeneration of sensitive, sore and highly stressed skin. Hamamelis extracts and carotin enhance the excellent care effect. Package size: 100ml RRP 10,90 EUR

ViSola® +25

Sun benefit of a new generation The sun is one of the most important life elixirs besides oxygen and water. Spring is hardly upon us, and the sun is just breaking through, when it is finally getting warmer and we are eager to catch some sun. This is when we begin to feel more energetic […]


The herbal oxygen leg fluid for carefree, light and beautiful legs Do your legs lose vitality? Do you also feel declining strength in your legs first? The legs become tired and heavy. The ankles start swelling. The veins slacken. Spider veins appear under the skin. Or the legs prickle and the soles of your feet […]

Vimere® Deo-Creme

The completely different long term deodorant You have to sweat (transpiration) but you do not have to smell. Sweat is usually odourless. Only after skin bacteria decompose the components of sweat can it start to smell unpleasant and repulsive. Conventional deodorants often only reliably protect you for a few hours and they can still irritate […]