Energen Royal®

Preserve your energy and vitality, stay healthy! With VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL®, you invest in a drinking ampoules-cure which can keep your depots replenished through its well-balanced composition of natural micronutrients. We recommend: Use one cure package of VIA NOVA ENERGEN ROYAL® three to four times a year, especially during the wet and cold season. Ingredients […]


Pure Energy – every time and everywhere Whenever you need a boost of energy… Sports Free time activities Long car rides Conferences Meetings Shift work Exams We recommend Do not drink more than one ampoule mixed with 375ml water (makes 400ml liquid) daily. Inhaltsstoffe Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue Vitamin B1(Thiamin) contributes to a normal energy […]

Viamino® 19

What are amino acids? Proteins were identified to be essential elements in all living cells. During hydrolysis they break down into amino acids and they are also build in the organism from amino acids. The importance of amino acids does not merely amount to only being protein building blocks. They can be changed in many […]

Vicartin® 1000 & 1500

The long-term storage for physical energy is in the body’s fat depots – a blessing for endurance athletes, an inexhaustible energy reserve, a beauty and health problem for heavyweight people. Both are interested in how to ideally metabolize that energy from the fat depots. The key to that is often L-carnitine. L-carnitine is the carrier […]


The full strength of nature in one package – without alcohol Everyone who is concerned about a healthy lifestyle, knows how important a balanced diet is for you to remain healthy and to maintain performance. Vitamun® drinking ampoules account for the needs and requirements of the world today. Carefully processed, highly efficient micro-nutrient complexes gained from […]

ViQu® 10

Bio stimulation for more energy when feeling tired ViQu®10 is recommended in particular if you have to cope with a demanding daily schedule: prior to conferences, seminars or exams, for great concentration and endurance, prior to long car journeys, when you are on the spot or simply in situations when you cannot afford to have […]


We recommend: During a VIABOL® cure (three to four times a year), drink one ampoule per day. Split its content into three doses to be taken throughout the day and leave it in your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing it (absorption through the oral mucosa). In times of special strains (e.g. during the […]

Vicolon® Capsules

Homeostasis (equilibrium) of the body is only possible with an intact and healthy intestinal flora. Since it moved to the spotlight of health research in the past few years, we have constantly obtained new findings about this significant ecosystem “digestive tract”. Vicolon® with selected strengthening algae Besides proven bacteria the vegetarian Vicolon® capsules also contain unique lactic […]

Vilox® Tabs

Why cell protection? How fast our body is ageing or wearing out depends highly on its resistance against aggressive substances. An apple, which has been cut into halves, serves as an illustrative example here: Unprotected, its surface will visibly turn brown more and more – it oxidizes. If we apply lemon juice (vitamin C!) on […]

Viabol® Tabs

Tasty micronutrients concentrate (fruit-based) Especially when the body is in the process of growing, it expects a large supply of active substances to be available. “Empty” calories (fast food, etc.), which, unfortunately, are often preferred, cannot satisfy our needs, they can even contribute to maldevelopments of the body. We recommend: The tasty VIABOL®-Tabs are prepared […]