The full strength of nature in one package – without alcohol Everyone who is concerned about a healthy lifestyle, knows how important a balanced diet is for you to remain healthy and to maintain performance. Vitamun® drinking ampoules account for the needs and requirements of the world today. Carefully processed, highly efficient micro-nutrient complexes gained from […]


We recommend: During a VIABOL® cure (three to four times a year), drink one ampoule per day. Split its content into three doses to be taken throughout the day and leave it in your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing it (absorption through the oral mucosa). In times of special strains (e.g. during the […]

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Why cell protection? How fast our body is ageing or wearing out depends highly on its resistance against aggressive substances. An apple, which has been cut into halves, serves as an illustrative example here: Unprotected, its surface will visibly turn brown more and more – it oxidizes. If we apply lemon juice (vitamin C!) on […]